Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What I adore... From A-Z (ii)


Hannah & Landon - 必看的網誌。Hannah Kristina Metz 今年二十四歲,和丈夫住在紐約Brooklyn。她在American Apparel做買手、閒時畫畫、買賣舊衣裳。拍的照片、一頭紅髮,美得out of this world。


Ice-cream - 最愛Ben & Jerry's Chucky Monkey、富豪軟雪糕和綠茶口味的frozen yogurt... 其他的、很少吃。


Jazz ♥


Kierkegaard - 祈克果、丹麥哲學家。他是少數同時思考哲學和宗教的哲學家 (大部分都全盤否定神的存在、宗教的意義只在於為凡人提供寄託和撫慰) ,時常給我思辯、反思和謙卑的力量。

"Do not interrupt the flight of your soul; do not distress what is best in you; do not enfeeble your spirit with half wishes and half thoughts.
Ask yourself and keep on asking until you find the answer, for one may have known something
many times, acknowledged it; one may have willed something many times, attempted it--and yet, only the deep inner motion, only the heart's indescribable emotion, only that will convince you that what you have acknowledged belongs to you, that no power can take it from you--for only the truth that builds up is truth for you."

Either/Or, Part 2. Kierkegaard’s Writings 4. Trans. Howard V. Hong and Edna H. Hong. Princeton: Princeton Univ. Press, 1987. (Enten/Eller I-II, ed. Victor Eremita, 1843.)


London - 我愛逛Portobello Road Market、到National Gallery或V&A看畫、在Fortunam & Mason喝茶。


Monet, Claude - 莫奈的睡蓮;他的夢裝飾了我們的年代。

Mum - 謝妳對我有時嚴厲但時常寬容 :)


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